How It Works

How It Works

All current and retired firefighters, police, and emergency responders, and their officers are invited to participate in the program throughout the State of New Jersey. They will then have opportunity to receive confidential comprehensive cardiovascular and pulmonary medical evaluations. The medical facility will take the responsibility of billing the participant’s insurance provider.

These annual examinations are provided by Deborah Heart and Lung Center and also CardioPulmonary Diagnostic, whose providers are board-certified cardiologists and pulmonologists who have generously offered firefighters, police, and emergency responders medical care that is specific to their profession. All providers are board-certified in the various specialties they provide.

Testing will be provided based upon each participant’s medical history. Testing may include laboratory, x-ray, pulmonary functions testing, and cardiovascular screening. Upon completion, the participant will be provided with a medical report which they can use at their discretion. All visits will be scheduled by appointment. The medical staff will direct you on what will be needed for the initial visit, such as bringing a list of all medications that you currently may be taking. In addition, fasting the previous night is required for blood work, which is part of the evaluation.

To make a donation:

Please make a donation to the “A Gift from Captain Buscio” program by clicking on the link below:

***PLEASE NOTE*** When making the donation add in the Tribute box or in Memory/Honor of Captain Buscio. 

Failure to do so will result in the possibility of the donation going to a general fund and will not be flagged for our program. Thank you again for your continued support!

To schedule an appointment, call:

DEBORAH Heart and Lung Center
1-609-893-1200 extension 5843
Cardio Pulmonary Diagnostic